Sunday, October 19, 2008

English Beat Rarities - Version of "Which Side Of The Bed" Featuring Ranking Roger Chat

Fans of The Beat are always on the lookout for anything remotely new that they can add to the somewhat finite universe of recorded material that is available from the band. With only three albums and very few non-album tracks, its been, slim pickings for anything new. I recently discovered a track I had never heard before (and I'm an obsessive fan).

Back in 1981 the band released their eighth single, "Hit It". It was backed by "Which Side Of The Bed?". Neither track appeared on an album. This alone has made the single a popular collectors item. Indeed, I am not aware that the band ever performed the b-side of the single live, which is a shame as its an overlooked classic and a slice of vintage Wakeling reggae-pop. The single only reached the #70 spot on the U.K. singles chart (this was a portent of things to come for the band in the UK as they began to focus their attention on breaking in the U.S.).

Imagine my shock and surprise at hearing a completely alternative, dub remix version of "Which Side Of The Bed" re-titled "Cool Entertainer" that features Ranking Roger toasting joyously over the track. If you have any information about this track let me know. Otherwise enjoy the song which is part of the download below which also includes the 12" dub remix of "Pato & Roger Ago Talk".

Here is story from the NME in 1981 that sheds a bit more light on "Hit It" and "Cool Entertainer"

UPDATE: After doing a bit more digging I learned that "Cool Entertainer" is the b-side of the Go Feet Records release of the single "Ago Talk". Mystery solved. Regardless its not a track I had heard and I imagine many other fans of The Beat might have missed it.

Here is a live performance of the a-side "Hit It" from the Oxford Road Show in 1981:

Here is a video of the hard to find b-side "Which Side Of The Bed"

Below is a tracklist and download of a mix including hard to find b-sides by The Beat and all their permutations including General Public, Ranking Roger, Fine Young Cannibals and 2 Men a Drum Machine and a Trumpet. Enjoy.

Pato & Roger Ago Talk (Tappy Lappy Dub Remix) - The Beat
Cool Entertainer (Dub Remix of "Which Side Of The Bed) - The Beat
Dishwasher (Longer) - General Public
Ever Fallen In Love (dub) - Fine Young Cannibals
Good Times and Bad (extended version) - 2 Men a Drum Machine and a Trumpet
Limited Balance (longer) - General Public
Make It Funky (extended version) - 2 Men a Drum Machine and a Trumpet
On My Conscience - Ranking Roger
So Excited (Alternative Mix) - Ranking Roger
Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (extended version) - 2 Men a Drum Machine and a Trumpet
Too Much Or Nothing (dance mix) - General Public

General Beat - Rarities & Remixes


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